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Our Core Beliefs


As a Christian and Veteran owned and operated business, we believe faith and service should direct our actions. A higher power demands of us a higher level of morals, ethics and service. We're proud to offer rates that our clients tell us routinely beat what others offer them. We're thrilled that we get such great feedback on our process, one designed to elevate the Home Loan experience by making things easier, faster, cheaper and simply better, than what is found with other mortgage companies. We're blown away with many referrals we receive based on our earnest attempts at exceeding the expectations of those we've been, and will be, blessed enough to work with and service. But more than anything, we believe in one simple thing: Matthew 7:12 "Do unto others as you'd have done unto you". 


When my wife and I formed this company, we wanted our customers to not only know we have the faith that we do, but that the "Golden Rule" (as it's commonly known as) directs everything we do. As consumers, and customers of many companies, she and I expect (and deserve) honesty, integrity, fair treatment, great value, and outstanding service. Anything less then this and we're not only unhappy, but we will in most cases discontinue working with the company (if given the choice). We feel that since this is what we want and expect, the same should be true for our customers. 

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